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About Me

Skilled, Professional Language translator with 15+ Years' Experience.

Started working in the field of translation in the year 2003. Learning languages is always his hobby that turned into profession and since then, He has successfully completed many translations work in various languages. Working as freelance translator for various agencies across the globe from India, Russia, Finland, UK, US, Germany, France, Palestine, Ukraine, Belarus, Spain, Brazil, & the list is still growing.

Dedicated machine, high speed broadband and dedicated mind for the job. Well versed in all fields since 2003 – Engineering, Architecture, Educational Institute, Manager, Director, Films, Spiritual Field these are fields he is currently associated with. He had developed the right skill to deliver the project as per requirement. Commitment is his plus point. Clients satisfaction is his aim. Develop and maintain healthy business relationship is his motto.

NO matter how complicated the source document format is, you can always ensure closest similar format.




US and UK variant. As a TARGET language translation.


RU. As SOURCE language translation.


PT and BR. As SOURCE language translation.


DE. As SOURCE language translation.


SP. As SOURCE language translation.


FR. As SOURCE language translation.


IN. As SOURCE language translation.


DA. As SOURCE language translation.


As SOURCE language translation.


As SOURCE language translation.


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Technical Support

You can always contact me anytime for any technical support in translation industry. I am happy to help you. Page formatting as per source document, Image translation, AutoCAD translations and many more formats can be handled smoothly and effectively.

Customer Support

You will always find me in a reachable limit while the project is going or or after project completion also. You can contact me by Skype, e-mails, WhatsApp, telephone, etc. your satisfaction is my motto and I am always committed to provide you good and excellent results.

Formats Handled

Following are the formats/files handled:

Word > Sdlx

Pdf > ttx

PPT > srt

Xls > AutoCAD

Image (all formats)

Professional Media Presence

You can always find me on following professional media:




Translation Charges

The translation charges will be very competitive and affordable in the industry. The average translation rates will be as low as $0.02* per source word flat and subtitling rates will be $1.5* per audio minute. however, depending the project intensity and volume the rate will be further compromised.

*T&C applied.

Personal Involvement and project Confidentiality

Personal attention to every translation project (irrespective of volume) is paid. as learning languages is always my hobby that turned into profession, so I always enjoy the translation project maintaining the gravity and confidentiality of the project.


Translation Package


Translation, Proofreading, Editing

The charges may vary project to project basis. However, you will always find the charges competitive. the invoice clearing dates will be between 30 to 45 days, standard. and charges will be as low as:


per word

*T&C applied.


Transcreation, Transliteration, Transcription

The charges may vary project to project basis. For large volume project (50+ hours) the charges will be lowest in the industry and as low as :


per minute

*T&C applied.


Subtitling, Editing, Srt formats

The charges may vary project to project basis. The Charges for subtitling will be lowest in the industry for large volume projects (50+ hours) and as low as:


per minute

*T&C applied.




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