"Mass of Energy trapped in human form"

A soul from Sirius came down on Earth in December 1980, in a small town of India. Raised and nourished with Nature. In his life, Nature plays vital role and this can be seen in his thoughts and creativity. "Nature is my Inspiration and Life is my Teacher".

He believes in universal energy. "Everything in universe is created by energy and same energy flows among all of us"

Being a multi-disciplinary, since after graduation he was involved into many activities of various fields and performed many roles and duties. Architect, Translator, Pranic Healer, Actor, Teacher, Manager, Director these are name to few.


"Architect by Qualification and Teacher by Profession."

Being an Architect, his mind is always into creative thinking. His service encompasses from concept planning to execution. Designing ideas, Space planning, utilization of spaces, minimalistic designs are some of strong points to consider for every project. The project success should depend upon the functionality and utilization of available resources.

As an Architect one must understand the structure. It also has life, Breathe, communicate, get old and die. He always trying to understand and listen about what the structure wants to say and design accordingly, so that it fits best with surrounding and cater better living conditions to inhabitants.

Vastushastra may be one of the important aspects to study and implement in building design, provided it has scientific explanations. The use of Vastushastra will be helpful only after careful and thorough study of climate and science behind the Earth-Sun relationship.

Allied services provided to architecture are: Interior design, Landscape design, Set design, Product design.

Architecture Philosophy "A built structure should be blend of Mathematics, Science, Common sense, Illusion, Aesthetics and Little touch of Magic"
-Danish Khatri


"Welcome to the world of Languages"

Ever since Human evolved Language as a prime mode of exchanging ideas and communications, there is always a strong need of translator for understanding and communicating between multi-languages. As a Language translator one must understand the meaning and message to be conveyed by that sentence before translation.

Providing translation/outsourcing services since 2006, he has gained experience and understanding of clients need. Among many professional Cat tools available, he prefers to use SDL platform for consistent outputs. Worked with many National and International agencies and the list is still growing.

His working Language pairs are:

Major Fields are:
IT, Automotives, General, Finance, Engineering, Marketing, Products, Travelling, Patents and Law.


"Light! Camera!! Action!!!"

There is always an Actor living in our mind; sometimes in real life it comes out also! Acting is his hobby, being an actor it's important to study the character, live the character and then present it to audience. Acting should come from deep within; it should not be artificial or superficial.

He was involved into acting/modeling since 2004; in those years he was involved in many projects right from short films to feature film. "Waqt", "Dosh Kunacha" "Ek kash", "Callback", "Swami", "X-the killer's theory" are few to name and also participated in fashion shows. He is engaged not only into Acting but also in assisting film making process (production), organizing/planning of Fashion shows, Judging of Fashion shows/Events, Training, conducting workshops on demand. He also conducts/plans workshop on Acting/Modeling in corporate sector as stress releasing activity for their employees to boost the productivity.

When you are performing a character, it's not you, but it's that character who addresses the audience and audience should remember that character and not you!


"Certified Pranic Healer"

Everything that exists in the Universe is connected with energy, and same energy flows among us also! In Pranic Healing, the internal energy shall be used to heal. Although it's not an alternative to medical science, but dedicated time and patience definitely helps to recover healing process faster. It has no side effects, no external things to be consumed or applied; neither there is need for patient to be in front of Pranic Healer! This healing technique can be used at distance also; (between two continents) chronic diseases can also be cured by this technique.

The process is quite simple yet effective, patient's infected/diseased body part can be scanned (hand scanning), Chakras will be repaired and fresh energy will be supplied by the Healer! Sometimes it needs regular consultation for healing.

He was providing Pranic Healing since past few years, if patient not able to travel; home visit can also be planned for healing.

Being a Pranic Healer, I always need to understand the patient, communicate with chakras and activate/repair it for the betterment of patient.




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